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Partners aren't just satisfied, they have real, life-changing business results.

Immediately after partnering with us we jumped on a GAME PLAN call. Linda wanted to start doing more business online leveraging social media.

  • We built her a funnel.
  • We built her follow up campaign.
  • We built her advertisement strategy.

Within 6 days she had a deal under contract. Within two weeks she 2 pending deals pending.

The best part is she now understands THE MATH!

She is actively working 5 additional clients.

Linda Dale

Ambler, VA

"Turn off my leads! I've got $1.8M in the hopper!" This is a quote I got from Nate via text last week! 😂😂😂

Nate Robinson partnered with us, looking for a better way to build his business. After his first 5 months, he closed more business than he did the entire previous year.

The question is, what did he start doing differently? What decisions did he make? And how does he think differently now?

Nate Robinson

San Ramon, CA

From Zero to 100 deals a year in under 24 months!

Stephen became the number one agent in the second largest brokerage in Utah after nailing a system to profitably turn strangers into clients. He took "one" funnel that Woods built for him and scaled it to over 100 deals per year.

He partnered with us and now is more excited about his business and the opportunity to scale nationwide.

Stephen Ostler

Draper, UT

In April 2020 with the market was drowning in uncertainty.

The pandemic had some agents paralyzed with fear and no clarity on how to move forward.

Danyelle immediately pivoted in one of the most difficult times and as result, she has been selling homes every week.

After partnering with us, she said she is actually busier now than she has ever been.

Learn exactly what she did.

Danyelle Batts


Why this Silicon Valley Top Producer left Compass to partner with us...

Stephen is a seasoned pro, but in his highly competitive, sophisticated market he has to stay on the bleeding edge ahead of his competition.

We helped him implement three funnels, generate hundreds of motivated buyer and seller leads, and get systems in place.

Now he has $3.5 Million under contact in his first 60 days!

Stephen Whitlock

Silicon Valley, CA

Mega Agent Michelle Humes went from a solo agent to a team of 30 agents in 30 months!

In her first 12 months of being a partner, her business TRIPLED.

Michelle went from a solo agent to a team of 30 agents in 30 months.

After being in business for 5.5 years she has learned how to take massive action. She makes things happen and understands what's working now, and what' not.

Michelle Humes

Peachtree City, GA

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